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    I need help with the menu function. I followed – word for word – the information found here: but the instructions DO NOT WORK. I still can get my blogs to show up when I click on the appropriate menu button on the top of the page, and I tried in both Firefox and Chrome, and on two computers. Please advise me what I am doing wrong. I want my categories to appear in the appropriate menu.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks. Now the problem is that I am told that my ‘theme’ only allows for one of these pages to work. I have tried several other themes, and all have the same issue. Could this be that I have a ‘free’ account? I use the ‘Twenty Ten’ theme, which I like and other sites I have seen use something that looks identical, but don’t seem to have my issue.

    If a signed up for the basic paid account option, would this issue then be resolved? If not, I would definitely not pay for an account.



    You’re welcome.
    But there’s no issue: read my post more carefully please, in particular the section “I want to add several menus but my theme says it supports only one”.


    OKay justpi – go to Steve Munro’s website and see the menus that all work and it has a similar type of theme as I do. Why can’t I do exactly the same thing? Your article doesn’t explain this – it says I can have ONE menu with everything in it – I don’t want that – I want to have several menus across the top that open up. As the site above is obviously a paid site, is that the difference? Or is it the theme or what?



    Sorry, my article explains everything – you simply haven’t come to terms with the terminology yet. In wordpress jargon, the site you linked to has ONE menu, with several top level MENU ITEMS, each one with a DROPDOWN to other menu items.


    Geez, why can’t WordPress just use plain English.

    Thanks for the attempt to help – but until I learn how to read “WordPress” I will be helpless.


    Okay – I just tried again – and got it to work, finally. Thanks for your assistance. It is much appreciated.

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