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    I am trying to clean up my bibliography. Originally, I was editing each one individually, and then I started to just use the link (which has a different look) as it was easier. What is the easiest way to change my current bibliography so it looks professional and uniformed?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, @neesrecordaolcom,

    I’m getting that your bibliography page, you want formatted differently?
    Is that correct?

    I also see that on this thread, that supernovia recommended adding the modlook tag so she will see it. I added that for you.

    The first thing that comes to mind for me is for you to use a page added to your menu that links to a particular category that contains your book reviews. That would be the easiest, if all of your Bibliography links link over to posts – which it looks like is your goal (?).

    On another note, I see that in your profile, you link to your wp-admin page, rather than your site’s url. You’ll want to change that to to make it easier for others to single click onto your site.

    I hope this helps!


    Thank you very much. Sorry it seems that I bombarded you guys.



    Not at all. We all start somewhere. If you need help, just ask, that is what we are all here for. You’ve got this. :-)

    Happy blogging!


    When I clicked “change that” link my profile shows a different description in “about” than what I have. What did I do wrong this time?


    No worries. :) You didn’t do anything wrong. I think this one was me. :)
    Try this link.


    Thanks!Sent from my iPhone


    Hi neesrecordaolcom,

    I’ve had a look at your Bibliography page and I notice the styling is slightly different from the other pages on your site:

    On the About page, the text is a muted colour rather than black and isn’t underlined.

    When I visit the Bibliography page editor and click on the HTML tab, I can see lots of HTML formatting:

    </span><span style="color:#0000ff;text-decoration:underline;">

    This formatting usually appears when text has been copied from Word, an email or website and then pasted into the editor. If you want to remove this formatting, I’d recommend using the Paste as Text button to reset the appearance of the text back to its default style:

    Let me know if that does what you are looking for :)


    Thank you. That was very helpful. Sent from my iPhone


    Good to hear, you’re very welcome!



    @neesrecordaolcom, great job on the bibliography page! The updates look good!

    @gemmacevans and @christinemaze, thank you for assisting neesrecordaolcom. The bibliography topic began in another thread I was helping neesrecordaolcom in. I was unable to respond due to the hurricane.

    Thanks for the teamwork!


    synora10, I do hope you are okay with minimal damage.


    Yes, @synora10, I do hope you and your family were all safe!

    Best to all.



    Thank you all for your concern! I’m definitely glad to be back!

    Damage was minimal and power outages are still a problem. However, everyone is safe and we’re working on getting our lives back to normal.

    @neesrecordaolcom, be sure to follow christinemaze’s instructions on changing your site’s URL. I’m still seeing it as : )


    synora10, thank goodness and best of luck to you and yours. Martie


    Hi synora10,

    Glad to hear everyone is safe. Hope everything gets back to normal as quick as it can :)



    Thanks again ladies!

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