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help with my website!!!

  1. i have just activate my new theme and i dont find the péace where i should go to to add a video at BIG front page SQUARE!!!!! and its frustating me!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. One easy way to make a Youtube video available on your post is simply to paste code like this into the post:
    where the Youtube video code appears after the equals sign.

  3. Make sure what you put in the post begins and ends with the square brackets.

  4. Take a look at this support document on videos and in particular the links to all the different support documents on the right for all the supported videos.

  5. @tamtruth
    Structure is an unusual theme with special features. To comprehend how this theme is designed to work you can read Introduction to the Structure theme so you do not experienced continued problems when using it.


    i have done the site the way i want it? BUT if you loook at my site u will see a BIG square in the middle and i dont know hhow to put a video in there?!

    can someone check the website out?! then tell me how to get this done!!!

    THANKK YOUUU!!!! i have looked around and i still dont see how tha hell to do it?!

  7. PLEASE calm down and look at the link timethief so kindly gave you. There, you will find the answer to your question.

  8. Please read the link TT gave you to the Structure theme.

  9. yes i read it and it made a bit more sense so...basicly what i have to to is upgrade my accound for CSS to upload videos where that BIG GREY SQUARE is
    ?!?! right?!?!

  10. I found the answer in the comments actually:

    Visitor: "[...] I would also like to embed a video or slide show in that featured spot".
    Panos: "[...] you cannot embed videos or slideshows in the featured image area.

    You can either select an image from the video and set it as a featured image in the featured category (it's explained in the article) or you can select another theme.

  11. okay okay so how do i select an image to put up there because i tried and it didnt work?!

  12. To set a featured image, you click this link and continue to read to find your answer in paragraph number 8 .

  13. i tried that and it aint working?!?!

    they say to put our last picture from last posts in a certain dimension then it will automatically put it in the box? well it aint working...............

  14. where is the "Featured Image module"???? i dont see it in my widgets!!! :)) x

  15. The featured image module is not a widget. It is a module in the edit post page. It is typically down on the right side. If it is not, the go to the upper right on that page and click the screen options tab and then enable the featured image module and it will show up in the right column of modules in the edit post page. There you can select the featured image.

  16. Okay i went to POSTS (from dashboard) and PAGES (from dashboard) again and click both ALL PAGES/POST and i didnt see nothing at the bottom right...but i clicked on screen option and there is no featured thing on there.

    They say i may have an old firefox so i will try to see with the explorer.

  17. It is on the post EDITING page. Open the post like you are going to edit it.

  18. THANK YOU ALLLL SO MUUCCCHHH!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

  19. You are welcome from me and best of luck with the blogging.

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