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Help with Neo-Sapien by Small Potato theme

  1. Hi guys,
    I know that you will direct me elsewhere or tell me to learn CSS code but I am trying my luck .
    I have been mucking around with trying to edit Neo-Sapien by Small Potato theme so that it does not have every single damn link, page, category underlined and I thought it would be as simple as changing the "underline" to "none" in the CSS code.

    Well that does not seem to work, it seems that when I change one or all to "none" my page looses it's thick red line and some gradiants on main menu tabs.

    Has anyone tried to successfully edit this theme? Please help!

  2. Look for "hover" in your stylesheet.

  3. and what do I do with that?
    I want actually links underliend for hover
    and not underlined when normally viewed

    it does not seem to work when I change it though - the look of the theme goes

  4. Here you go. This will change all the links in posts, including the metadata links. I simply remarked out the parts to change to make it easier for you to find them.

    a {
    	text-decoration:none /*underline*/;
    a:hover {
    	text-decoration:underline /*none*/;
  5. I have changed it as instructed (thank you) but this still does not solve my problem
    you see my problem is that I can change the current underlined text into not underlined - fine
    what gets messed up is the look of the page - I seem to lose the thick red horisontal line when I do that

  6. Now I understand. It's been so busy in the forum you probably missed tsp's last reply to you:

    If that red bar behaves the way header images do after a CSS change (and I suspect it does) you will indeed need to enter the absolute url for it.

  7. where would I enter this?
    I did see that but I did not understand where to do it

  8. ok I fixed this problem and added a link for that image (btw where did you get that from?)
    now I got a problem that grey tabs that originally were gradients are plain grey

    is there another image that I need to get? and where do I find it?

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