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Help With Older Posts Option

  1. I am fairly new to my blog, and I need help setting it up. I want to know if I purchase the $99 bundle package, can I use the CSS to change the Older Posts option. Instead of scrolling down the page after you click the Older Posts button, I would prefer my readers to go on to a different page all together, like with an arrow pointing to the left on other themes. Is this at all possible? I use the Coraline theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This isn't a CSS issue.

    You can turn it [infinite scroll] on or off any time by unchecking the “Scroll Infinitely” option on your Settings → Reading page. Additionally, adding a footer widget will also disable the Infinite Scroll option.

  3. P.S. I see you have disabled infinite scroll and have an "older posts" button now so perhaps this is a CSS editing question. I'll tag this thread so it's moved to the CSS Forum for you.

  4. Thanks a lot

  5. This is a CSS issue. What the Support doc calls "disabling" isn't disabling at all: it merely turns infinite scrolling from auto to manual. So, to answer your question: yes, if you have the Custom Design upgrade, or the bundle that includes it, you can use CSS editing to really disable infinite scrolling and restore the original older/newer navigation links.

  6. @justpi
    Thanks for confirming my second answer above. :) I can't see evidence of the csutom design upgrade on the blog as yet.

    To purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade and do the required CSS editing see:

  7. Thanks so much! :)

  8. @breannamonique
    Have you purchased the custom design upgrade since your last comment here? If not then I will remove the tagging to have it moved to the CSS Forum.

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