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    hello, im new here and i use but i cannot find the forum for org so i sumbti it here.. I had the oulipo in black style on my and when i change from com to org i wanted to keep the oulipo black. As i see i cannot find the theme oulipo options to to change from light to black. (as oulipo them description says it has 2 versions – black and white… in com i can change them. in org i cannot.. I want the black because this style is very cool for me… but i cannot find the html code or something else to change from light to black… Could y please help me with this? If i need to change manually the html of the theme.. i do not know to type html on my own…



    Hi there, and welcome!

    The support forum for is:

    You can see the code for the version of the theme here in case that’s helpful:

    The CSS for the dark color scheme is here:

    You might want to try saving all of the files and folders in the first link I provided into a new folder on your computer, and then upload that to your install as a new theme.

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