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    Hello, I’m going nuts. Why can I not get my widgets to override default blogroll and meta widget sidebars? I’ve tried as much as I can think of.


    I want left sidebar widgets of black custom menu and one search field (which I have). I want no widgets in my right (secondary?) sidebar. I want a footer of a custom widget third menu. I had this at one point earlier this evening, I know it’s possible, somehow I screwed everything up.

    For some reason I now have a right sidebar of a second (?) search function and a blogroll/meta (default?) happening even when I have nothing saved to my secondary sidebar menus. I’ve tried removing, deleting, resaving…

    thanks so much, sorry if not completely clear.

    The blog I need help with is


    I figured this out. I don’t know how, but it’s working again. :)


    can u please explain how u managed it !. I am trying to remove meta and blog roll.


    I wish I could give you a concrete answer other than sheer 3am stubbornness. I kept adding and deleting widgets to my sidebars until it worked.

    Try adding 2 widgets (I chose Search and FB like box) into your primary and secondary sidebars. This seems to bump default meta and blog roll out.

    I kept adding different widgets to the 2 sidebars and deleting them until it seemed to take. I placed a Facebook like box in the secondary menu but I don’t have a facebook page, so it still bumped the meta/blog out but doesn’t show up. A work-around I guess?

    I also created a secondary (left black box menu) and a tertiary custom menu (which became links in the footer) that seemed to have an effect on where my widgets placed.

    I also wasn’t clearing my cache enough and got frustrated thinking that what I was doing wasn’t working, but perhaps I wasn’t patient enough. I finally checked in different browsers and realized that what I was doing was actually working.

    I’m a newbie, I wish I could give you more of a direct path. Keep trying. You’ll work it out. :)



    You probably have this one figured out but all I did to remove the right-hand sidebar with the search facility and blogroll was to add a blank text widget to the secondary sidebar.

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