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    I am trying to create a new web site for my church using the Twenty Eleven ( I am just getting started and only have 3 or 4 pages created, none with any content as of yet. Here is the problem. I have the menu bar with my pages on it, then on each page it shows the page name at the top of the page. While I want it this way on most of the pages, I DO NOT want the page name to show on the Home page. How do I get rid of “Home” at the top of my “Home” page? I don’t want to delete the name, I just want to stop it from showing at the top of the Home page.

    If I haven’t got this question posted exactly right, please excuse me. This is the first time I have posted a question here.

    The blog I need help with is



    Opps, on the post above, I forgot to add; on the pages where I DO want the title to appear, can the font and font color of the title be changed?


    a) You’re using a custom menu. There are two ways you can do what you’re looking for. The less complicated of the two is to create a custom link, just as you’ve done for your “Calendar” tab.

    Copy the URL of your blog. Go to Appearance>Menus, click the arrow of the “Home” page, click Remove. Paste the URL of your blog in the URL field of the Custom Links module, type Home in the Label field, click Add to Menu; when it’s added, drag to reposition, click Save Menu. Then go to Pages > All Pages and edit the “Home” page to delete its title.

    b) The font or the color of the actual page titles cannot be changed without the paid Custom Design upgrade. But you can use the technique I described above for those pages too, then add the title of each page at the beginning of its content, and use coding in the HTML editor to change the font and the size – see here:



    I did everything in a) above and “Home” still shows up on the page. When I deleted “Home” as the page title and clicked “Update”, Home re-appears in the title line, and on the page.


    Strange… Try the same thing in Quick Edit mode: Pages > All Pages, hover under page title, click Quick Edit, delete the title but not the slug, click Update.

    If that fails too, type this in place of the title (minus the spaces):
    & n b s p ;
    That’s the HTML for a blank space.



    OK! That got it. I had to use the HTML method, but I got it.

    Much Thanks!

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