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  1. Hi,
    Here is my blog:

    I'd like to make an outfit page, but I want it to show my POSTS that are tagged with "outfit", so if you are just looking for outfit posts, you can go to that page and find them easily. I'm not sure how to do this or if this is possible! Any help would be great!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sure thai is possible all you have to do is assign the "outfits" category to the posts in question and then they will all display on the categories pages after you publish. If you want to change the structure of your blog so that category is displayed in the horizontal menu where static Pages are normally found then you can create a custom menu.
    See here >
    here >
    and here >

  3. Yes, thank you. I have done that. But I want the outfit posts to show up on a page, instead of just searching by category. I want people to be able to find them easily, in a page like how the ABOUT page is.

  4. YAY! Thank you so much :) :)

  5. @spenning
    You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

  6. Hello, I have a static page for 'photography' which now has an overload of 104 comments & pics.
    I have started a second page which shows up on the righthand side bar as inferior but I want to replace the original 'photography' page....... whilst keeping all comments & info.

    How can I now make the first drop down to the inferior position replacing it on the same subject but a clean new page at the top of the home page ?.

    I think It's probably called archiving ?

  7. OK, have found out what I was doing wrong...... I was numbering 'pages' in chronological order.
    The answer is for the top & active page, make sure you set it at ' no parent.'

  8. Hi Katie,
    I'm happy to hear you resolved this. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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