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    I’m exploring the use of plug ins with Word Press – namely, I’m thinking about adding a little store to my blog in the near future, and would like to get an eCommerce plug in. The process is shrouded in mystery, unfortunately. WordPress’ support pages say that there is no “plug ins” section in the dashboard, as all the most popular stuff is now included automatically. This conflicts with the installation instructions for all the plug ins I’ve found, which all begin with navigating to the plug ins section. What gives? How can I install a plug in? Can anyone give me the basic starting point here?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there!

    Your site, is hosted at You have an upgrade which allows you to map a domain to your url, but you are still hosted for free on and are still subject to the TOS yo9u agreed to when you first signed up for a free hosted site:

    Same Terms of Service: With the custom domain, your blog will still be hosted on, and will still be required to abide by our Terms of Service. Uploading custom themes or plugins is not supported on, as are certain HTML codes and scripts. FTP access to your files is not available.

    specifically read this:

    Please understand that there are different flavors of WordPress:
    and others
    This will help you to understand the differences:



    There are two options for ecommerce on a blog: either work within existing structures and use the Paypal Buy It Now button or upgrade to the $300 business bundle of upgrades and you can use a true ecommerce plugin.

    In both cases you are only allowed to sell things you, yourself produce.


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    …or upgrade to the $300 business bundle of upgrades and you can use a true ecommerce plugin.

    or set up your own hosting with WordPress.ORG, use the free software, plugins (free or paid), and depend on your experience/resources/their support forums to take care of problems you most likely will have.


    So just to be clear, as long as my blog is hosted on, whether it’s a paid account or not, I’m not allowed to have a store attached to my blog. I can sell products I create myself, if I pay $300 for the business bundle, which seems so much more expensive than Etsy. But for true retail, I just need to set up a Shopify store and add it to my top menu. Yes?



    Provided you are selling only items you personally make, you can use a PayPal donation button, create a custom menu, and include a custom link in it to your Etsy shop.
    But you cannot use any Ecommerce plugins so do be clear on that.

    The only instructions that will work for posting a PayPal donation button on a blog are found here

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