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Help with plugins and feedburner

  1. Hey,

    I have a free blog. I'm new and I just want to ask: can i upload and use plugins on my free blog and how? Also how can i redirect my default rss feed to my feedburner feed. I mean when you click the rss button next to the address in the web browser to show the feedburner feed.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. And no, the RSS feed built into your blog cannot be redirected to Feedburner. You can use a theme that doesn't normally display the link in the sidebar and add only your Feedburner RSS via either a text widget or an RSS widget, but you can't eliminate the one that's built right in, and that's the one that shows in the browser.

  3. Thank you for the fast reply. Can you recommend me a theme that doesn't display the link in the sidebar, please?

  4. Afraid I'm not too familiar with the different themes. You can just preview them on your Appearances page and find one you like, though.

  5. OK. Thanks again

  6. I think that FeedBurner has a pretty good tutorial about this here:

    Check out how it's done on my blog and see if that's how you want it.

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