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    Okay, so I have the IQ of a rancid ferret – I’ve read the FAQs and the documentation and putting a podcast up eludes me still. I’ve used the RSS widget to put a link/feed on my sidebar. The link to the podcasts at is correct. Below that is a list of available episodes with the correct teaser lines but the url’s just point back to my page – I thought that the widget would pick up the URLs from the posts containing them but it doesn’t. I’ve obviously not done it right and I’d be grateful for please. Please type slowly since I’m IQ impaired.


    I believe that to have podcasts you have to have an upgraded account (space i think it was)

    You can play the individual episodes in your side bar by using the player and linking it directly to the actual mp3 file. I’m sure one of the more experieced users will chime in if im wrong



    The FAQ is pretty clear about the fact that only a few formats are supported at, and isn’t one of them. I think that’s your problem right there; you need to use one of the supported formats, listed here:

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