help with posts & menu functions?

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    I apologize, didn’t know how to word the topic correctly. Here’s my dilemma of which there are 2:

    1. Posts: I’m trying to explain addressing etiquette but every time I hit enter it goes down a paragraph which I don’t want. I’d like to type something similar to this:

    Miss Sophie Jones
    Mr. Justin Smith

    So is there a way I can type that?

    2. I’ve seen on other blogs that when you put the cursor over one of the pages & click a menu comes down. I’d like my blog to have that function. How do I do that?


    The blog I need help with is


    1. In the visual editor hold down the shift key and press return to get a line break rather than a paragraph break.

    2. Create a custom menu and you can have dropdown menus.



    Thank you once again!! :-)


    You are welcome.



    for some reason i cannot get my gallery menu (is that what it’s called?) to do what I want… after 4 hours. if you go to this WP blog:
    – scroll over one of the links on the right: stories, duties, etc
    as you can see a dropdown menu appears… that’s what i’m trying to accomplish but can’t :-/

    and how did this blogger get the ‘follow!’ with the nice looking buttons?



    In the custom menu support page it explains how to make drop downs by dragging the items you want as a drop down slightly to the right (watch for the grey outlined box to appear and then you release your mouse). The following screen shot shows items set for several levels of sub menus (dropdowns).



    thx again. unfortunately the twenty ten them only allows 1 menu thus when i activate it, the remaining pages disappear :-/
    might have to switch themes to one that allows more than 1 menu if there is one.

    thx again.


    In the custom menu, just add the pages in. You can mix and match with posts, pages, categories, tags, and even custom links. All that can be put into the top menu.

    All themes with the top navigation support the custom menu in all its forms.


    In other words what I’m saying is that the other themes are not going to be any different than 2010. They all support all the custom menu features.



    okay, i’ll try again tomorrow. thx.

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