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    I’m really new to blogging and to CSS and despite looking at a bunch of tutorials online, none of the changes that I make seem to work. I have a couple of questions that are driving me crazy (!!!) but hopefully will be really simple for someone out there :) please help me out…! It would be much appreciated.

    First- totally noob question- HOW do you make the changes? Are you supposed to copy the section from the original CSS sheet that you want to alter into the editing box and then make the change there? When I do this and hit preview, it appears to make NO changes whatsoever, right or wrong. Is this the wrong was to make CSS changes, or is there a problem with my preview?

    The main change that I want to make is actually just to the color of the bars in my theme; the bar for the widgets, the bar at the bottom of the page etc etc; all I want to do is change the color (I have Pretty Young Things, the premium theme), but I’m not sure where to change it on the style sheet?

    If anyone has any idea about either of these questions… please… HELP!! I’m going crazy here :(

    Thank you so much!!

    The blog I need help with is



    These two articles may be of help (which I would strongly recommend you reading)

    Now, for the widget titles and footer, you’d need to add this to your CSS

    .widgettitle {background: COLOR_YOU_WANT !important;}
    .wrap {background: COLOR_YOU_WANT;}

    To change the light blue stripe on the header, you’d need to change/modify the default background image.

    Where do you need to add your CSS code?

    In your admin area, on the left side, scroll down to Appearance, expand it if it’s collapsed, then select Custom Design, click the CSS tab, and place your CSS code in the CSS Editor. Save.

    Like the second article recommends, ONLY your changes/additions to the CSS should be put in there.




    Your theme is a premium theme and we Volunteers answering questions on this forum have no knowledge of how they are designed to operate, and no access to the themes, so posting to this forum is not likely to be productive. When you purchased your premium theme what came with that purchase was support directly from the theme designer. When you purchased the custom design upgrade you also purchased Staff support. Please click this link and post to that forum for theme support. Premium Themes Forum link.
    documentation here >


    Thank you both SO much!!!!

    This is a tremendous help for me…!! Going to get started right away!

    Thank you :)

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