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    I purchased CSS editor to make a few simple changes to All I want to do is change header size and change some fonts. First I tried pasting the existing stylesheet in to the editor and making changes there. I then pressed preview – nothing changed. I then saved the stylesheet and previewed again – nothing changed. So after some more reading up here, I tried to create my own rule change by copying just the section of the stylesheet that I needed and amending that. I tried to see a preview and saved the stylesheet again to see if I could see the preview – nothing changed.

    Am I just not getting this or what are the exact steps needed to preview changes??



    can you post the code you’re using in the CSS editor here, please? Put it between back ticks (next to the number 1 on an American keyboard).



    As well, you were seeing the page with the extra black bar across the top that says preview? What theme are you trying the changes on and as judyb12 mentions, what were the before and after changes attempted? (maybe just 1 or 2 for space saving).


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