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    I would have posted this on the forums but the stupid thing wont log me on or send reminder password emails. i am really at the end of my tether with wordpress its one ludicrous problem after another.
    I now cant access my wordpress website at as it keeps on redirecting to my blog at
    i do have a redirect plugin on the website but how do i disable it if i cant access my website dashboard that seems to be in a continuous loop.

    The blog I need help with is



    This may not be relevant.. but I have just done this to help me work different accounts..

    Can you try to send an invite to (yourself) as a ‘new’ user and make the invite for administrator, or author(of either the longer acct name or the one at the link you provided?

    You would have a new account but it may be a way around the issue. You see, as each account has different ‘personal settings’ :)

    Ex: I now have 3 accounts ‘pseudos’ but at least I can do different things with them ~ lol, I also chose to make a new blog with each and have not done much with them :) I can author or admin on either or all of them too.. (

    Anyhow, hope this info helps..



    Oh, and make sure you ‘log out’ first.. as I forgot first time and that can stuff up the process of ‘accept invitation’ regardless of email you may have used.


    sorry i dont really know what you mean. where do i send the request to and how do i retrieve the form.


    Member does not seem to be registered. Did you have it registered at some point in the past? You need to register it again and point it to wherever your regular host is.



    Disabling Plug-ins is not hard with FTP access – you need to get instructions at WordPress.ORG – remember the account and log-in at .ORG is not the same as for your old blog or here at WordPress.COM


    Thanks. I have registered and for some reason the .org site simply does not recognise me. I have reregistered this morning and still waiting for password. I am really sick of wordpress as i am missing out on potential clients at present.


    i cant find the plugin using ftp. in fact in the plugin folder most of them are missing. i cant find the wp-redirect file anywhere



    We cannot help you here. By definition, no blogs have FTP access.


    great comment raincoaster. maybe if wordpress was better organised and responsive then i wouldnt have to ask on here. im sure many others on here have had the same problems. i am not going to get into a petty polemic about this with you.



    I just thought if you were ‘admin’ on both the accounts mentioned, you should be able to admin from where you are ‘redirected to’ you would pick an Email Address (or even get a new one of them too?) and simply ‘invite to admin the ‘difficult’ one..



    We do not have difficulties with FTP at because we do not use FTP at If you are talking about your blog, it does not have a plugin file or FTP capability at all and never will.

    BTW there is no reason you would have a WordPress.ORG login unless you have specifically registered there. Having a or blog does not automatically get you a login for the forums.

    Why don’t you contact your web host, or see if you have Cpanel access?


    its impossible to get any help at wp/org. i have managed to get on there and so far there isnt anybody sufficiently interested enough for them to answer. i am currently talking to my web host. if they cant help the my site is effectively closed. and a weeks work has gone

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