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    My blog is not showing the spacing properly, can anyone tell me how to fix it? Cheers, Trixy.



    (1) Could you please provide a link to your blog? And, if this is about a specific post then please provide a link to the post.
    (2) I’m also wondering which theme you are using.
    (3) Are you using the visual rich text editor? Or have you shut it off and are now using the standard editor.
    -> Users -> Your Profile (to confirm setting look at the checkbox)
    (4) Are you copying and pasting text from Microsoft Word?
    (5) What specifically do you mean by “not showing spacing properly”?



    I’m guess that the blog is here but you need to explain please. Please remember that we can’t read minds. :)

    edit: Looks fine to me in ie6.



    Trying to change the spacing from what the template wants it to be will drive you insane. blogs have the spacing coded into the themes and unless you want to do your own coding or buy the CSS upgrade, you’re pretty much stuck with what the template says.

    Now, if you have an actual error, a link to where the error is occurring would be helpful.



    Agreed but there are some work-arounds. I don’t know if they are theme specific or not. I have found using the MistyLook theme that I can switch a post in draft form back and forth between Tiny MCE (visual rich text editor) and the standard editor and, manipulate the spacing to a certain degree. I use these to create the space I want.
    <br> and &nbsp;
    And, switching to the standard editor, I find I can delete seemingly hardcoded spacing that I couldn’t get rid of in the other editor.

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