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    I started writing a blog, mainly for myself, but also for some people who would be interested in what I would have to write.

    My main question is, how do I split up the posts? Meaning if you look on my blog, you see an endless page…How do I add more pages? or how to I make it more pleasing to the eye somehow.

    Even I start to dislike how my blog looks ,it is like when you read a book, and there is no next page,there is just one page that is miles and miles long. You would eventually get bored and your eyes would start to hurt after a while.

    I thought that after you add a category,the post will show only in that category not on the main page as well. It is as if categories are useless, meaning it does not matter since all of my posts will appear on the same page mingled together. So what should I do? Anyone care to help me with this one? I can’t keep on writing on a page that does not end, I mean it would be annoying to have one single page that is as long as 15 pages put together.

    I admit I am a newbie when it comes to blogs,and I started to search the forums, but i can’t really find the answer, maybe I just don’t know where to look.

    The blog I need help with is



    As I see I can’t edit the post so
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    Maybe there is an option in the dashboard that I don’t know of or have missed? I don’t know. Meaning that there has to be an option,a setting of some sort that will allow me to split the page or to make only the newest post appear on the main page,the rest of them to be put nicely in their categories, and only when you click on that category will it be shown.



    Pff…(facepalm). Dashboard/settings/reading…
    Someone delete this please



    I assume your issue is fixed now? If so, feel free to change status of this topic to “resolved” (it’s on the right hand sidebar).

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