Help with step-by-step instructions on setting up Suburbia theme page?

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    1) How do I get my page to look like the Suburbia theme sample? I’ve looked through the walk-throughs and I can’t even understand the terminology, and I’m starting to hyperventilate. I’m taking a Photoshop class, and we have to post our work on a blog. Nothing fancy. I just like the look of Suburbia where you see the photo and a short note below it. I selected the Suburbia theme, but all you see on my page are words, and you have to click on “Continue Reading” to get to the photo. 2) Also, how do you insert a post that chronologically comes before your current post? I wanted to include earlier assignments from the class. I’d greatly appreciate any assistance using non-technical wording. Thanks!
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    The blog I need help with is



    1) On the main page, Suburbia displays what WP calls featured images.
    For the posts you have already published: edit each post, click the Add Media tool, click Media Library, locate the right image, click Show, click “Use as featured image” (at the bottom of the popup window), click outside the popup to close it, click Update (post).
    For future posts: when you’re about to insert the image, click “Use as featured image” then click “Insert into Post”.

    2) You can create the post the normal way, and change the date in the Publish module of the post editor.



    Thank you sooooo much for your tips. I’ve been re-editing my posts all day. I’m still having a lot of issues, and wondered if you could help me troubleshoot the following:

    1) I’ve discovered the Distraction-free Writing Mode, which has been awesome. However, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to horizontally align several small resolution photos next to each other even though they fall within the guidelines/ parameters of the page. When I post/ publish the page, all the photos align vertically, one per line, which is ugly because there is a lot of white space to the right of the photos.
    2) How do you adjust line spacing for text? When I press enter, it’s like it defaults into starting a new paragraph, not a new line.
    3) I used your wonderful directions. Sometimes, the “Use as Featured Image” option doesn’t even show up. Only the “Insert into Post” option comes up. I’ve deleted all the photos and tried again. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t (even with the same photo) and I can’t figure out why.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    With Much Appreciation,



    The alignment icons in the WordPress editor are for aligning text; they are not for aligning images. They are used to achieve wrapping text around images on either the right or left hand side, or to display an image that’s centered without text on either side of it. If the text beside the images does not occupy the same amount of space that the image beside it does then the text wrapping will continue and the images and text that follow will have a staggered appearance.

    Align-left means position left, with the rest of the content wrapping around the right side of the image.
    Align-right means position right, with the rest of the content wrapping around the left side of the image.
    Align-center means position center, with no wrap-around (= the rest of the content below the image).

    Every theme has a maximum displayed image width so it’s important to keep that in mind when posting multiple images side-by-side. If you want two images to be side by side on the same line start by setting the alignment of both images to left. To prevent the staggered effect what you do is insert the following snippet of code into the HTML editor after each image/text pair:
    <br style=”clear:both;” />



    1) To display two or more thumbnails in a row, you insert them the one right after the other (with no line or paragraph breaks between them), setting the alignment of all of them to Left. But if there’s any space left, then the text that follows the images will also wrap around; to prevent this, you need to switch the editor to Text (=code) and write the first paragraph that comes after the images this way:
    <p style="clear:both;">TEXT HERE</p>

    2) You don’t really mean line spacing, you man a line break instead of a paragraph break. In the Visual editor: shift return.

    3) Featured images must be uploaded to your blog: you won’t see “Use as featured image” if you try to insert an image via URL.



    Thanks for the advice up there; I was having the same problem with feature images.

    Now the problem is, the featured image is much smaller than the theme design and what I want. How can I fix this? Here is my blog.



    Suburbia description notes
    live demo site

    On the main page, Suburbia doesn’t display regularly inserted images. They only display when a post is viewed on its own page – not on the front page. Only two posts with featured images in them display there side by side.

    To have front page image display you need to set a featured image to each post. The size of the featured image does matter. The featured image works best with images at least 350 by 248 (width, height).

    Setting a Featured Image >
    Sticky posts >

    If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options.

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