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Help with suburbia theme

  1. Hello there
    could anyone kindly help with the suburbia theme? I am trying to reduce the overtly long columns on my site.
    and possibly also to reduce the columns

    The blog I need help with is

  2. somebody got an idea please?

  3. Hey there. This topic's been marked as resolved. Did you manage to find a solution to your problem? Or do you still need help?

  4. Hey whats up. Seems you got ideas about suburbia? yea I was able to work round it.
    But now got a new problem, as usual with a blogger :) Or let's say with a new blogger
    Is it possible to make the design of an entire page diffrent from the rest of the site? For instance on my site is it possible to make the home be without a column and so spread to the rest part of the page. I think its just following the 3-column of the entire css.
    Anyway I could write a special css for the home page?
    Thanks Sio

  5. Yes, it's possible to add code that would apply to the home page only. Instead of this:
    whatever {
    you'd write this:
    .home whatever {

    But I don't understand what you mean by "make the home be without a column and so spread to the rest part of the page".

  6. Thanks justpi. Nice to have you here!
    I mean, there are four columns on the site (sorry not three). But on the home page, I do not even want any column at all. I just want it to be a plain page to welcome. Then I can place watever I want in there and probably replace the background too?

  7. You're welcome, but I'm still not sure I understand correctly. If you mean you want to remove the footer widget areas from your homepage, add this:

    .home #bottom-wrapper {
        display: none;
  8. i guess I created a misunderstanding when I use the word "home". By "home", I meant the home category which I created on the page actually, serving as a page link.
    Maybe the question should be : is there a way to add a code that would apply to each particular page on my site. Right?

  9. it's amazing how you guys know what to write! wao. I just tried out those gadget stuff. Even though I did not initially plan to remove them, I'm considering it now! Wao thanks. nice.
    Exactly. That which has been done here, supposing I wish to customise any other page, it is possible to apply such customizations to just that page, right? That has been my questions.
    thanks justpi

  10. I mean for instance, the contact page. Supposing I wished to remove the column, and maybe also the widgets and leave just contact information. What would I do? That is what I mean by customizing a particular page.

  11. a) Yes, you can customize just one particular page, the way I showed above: before the selector(s) for the elements(s) you want to target, you put the selector for the page you want to target.
    b) The theme has three areas: left sidebar, main content, right sidebar. So what exactly do you mean by "remove the column"? Remove the right sidebar?
    c) As for the Home thing, you need to reconsider: on all sites, "Home" is a link to the homepage (= landing page = main blog address = blog front). There's no point having a "Home" category. What were you trying to achieve when you categorized a post under such a category? If you wanted to create a page for your posts, that's not the way to do it.

  12. You are right, I got the concept of home wrong. I'll just remove it I guess.

    I had created the categories to give a look of a website, with different links to different pages, perhaps I did not get that done well? Anyway, im removing the 'home' category now

    But supposing I want the 'contact us' post to look just like the home page with only two areas (a sidebar and a main content), what do I do? Post as a page? unlike what I have now here(a post in the contact us category)
    Sorry for the complications!

  13. Hi Justpi. Forget all the comments before. I've just redesigned the whole site.
    Could I make each of the links on the left have different font? And also could they have different colour to reflect the flavors? Just wondering if possible.

  14. Justpi please??

  15. Could I make each of the links on the left have different font?

    You could using the following CSS:

    .menu-your-cookies-just-as-you-like-them-container {
    font-family: FONTFAMILY;

    Where FONTFAMILY is the name of the font-family you want:

    And also could they have different colour to reflect the flavors?

    Yes, this is possible as each menu item has an individual ID attached to it. For example, you could target "Blueberry" using the following snippet:

    color: COLOURVALUE;

    Where COLOURVALUE is the Hex/RGBA code for the colour you want:

  16. amazing! thanks. But how do you know these stuff? Can you tell me please?
    In any case the font code worked. However the code color did not. The color wouldn't change :(

  17. Hey. Sure. You can find some great resources for learning CSS online. W3Schools is probably the most widely used online tool for learning HTML and CSS: I also really recommend Codecademy, a free online learning tool for learning how to program for the web:

    You can view the code behind any website you visit by using your browsers inbuilt inspector tools. Just right click and choose select the "Inspect Element." More information on this can be found here:

    However the code color did not. The color wouldn't change :(

    Sorry, the CSS should have targetted the anchor inside the '#menu-item-249' as follows:

    #menu-item-249 a{
    color: COLOURVALUE;

    That should work. Let me know.

  18. Hi Sio
    Thanks for that info.

    As for colour, it still did not change with the code
    #menu-item-249 a{
    color: COLOURVALUE;

    I even tried to see if the fuller code
    .menu-your-cookies-just-as-you-like-them-container #menu-item-251 a{
    would work, but no way. Both codes simply show the 'a' value in red.
    color: #0000FF

  19. kindly ignore the last line (color:#0000FF)

  20. Hurray Sio!
    It worked with .menu-your-cookies-just-as-you-like-them-container #menu-item-249 a{

    :) thanks deary

  21. Ha. Glad it worked! :)

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