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Help with table align

  1. Hello there. I know almost nothing about html or any other language and so I looked up html code to make a table. I ended up with this:

    <table><br /> <tbody><br /> <tr><br /> <td style="vertical-align:top;padding-right:10px;"><strong><img alt="Europe" src="" /> No Tidehunter</strong></td><br /> <td style="vertical-align:top;padding-left:10px;"><img alt="Canada" src="" /> EternaLEnVy *<br /> <img alt="Sweden" src="" /> AdmiralBulldog<br /> <img alt="Sweden" src="" /> s4<br /> <img alt="Sweden" src="" /> Loda<br /> <img alt="Sweden" src="" /> Akke</td><br /> </tr><br /> </tbody><br /> </table><br /> <table><br /> <tbody><br /> <tr><br /> <td style="vertical-align:top;padding-right:10px;"><strong><img alt="Us" src="" /> Evil Geniuses</strong></td><br /> <td style="vertical-align:top;padding-left:10px;"><img alt="Us" src="" /> Fear *<br /> <img alt="Us" src="" /> DeMoN<br /> <img alt="Us" src="" /> Bdiz<br /> <img alt="Canada" src="" /> Jeyo<br /> <img alt="Denmark" src="" /> Maelk</td><br /> </tr><br /> </tbody><br /> </table>

    Now, it looks like this:

    The thing is that I'd like the right side of both tables to be aligned the same way and I can't get it done. Can anyone help me?

    The blog I need help with is

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