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help with tags

  1. I just went through both Lorelle's and Odiophile's technorati tagging options. When I paste the links on my text box (After the post) I see the entire link! What do i do?


    I just wrote a post on Beckham and instead of just seeing Beckham, Madrid and English Football I see this entire thing on the main page!

    What do I do?

    <span class="technoratitag">Technorati Tags: , , , , </span>

    PS: Is this one of those PAY only things?1

  2. It's not one of the pay only things, and apart from the span class, it's displaying exactly what it should display.

    Why it's showing the span class I couldn't say. Perhaps you could ask Lorelle?

    By the way, I couldn't see any tags at all on your Beckham post, did you remove them?

  3. yes cornell, I did remove them. let me ask lorelle. Thanks. :)

  4. hey

    everytime I try to post tags using such html code..I get a big blue box on my main post without the tags but with the post.

    Thats the problem

  5. Can you make a test post with the tags in place so that we can see what's happening please?

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