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    Does WordPress not have a way to categorize your posts so that JUST your posts are searchable? I set categories thinking that this would allow people to search other posts of mine that I had put into that category. Turns out, it lets you search all of WordPress. This really isn’t helpful for me. Is there no system through which you can allow visitors to search *just* your posts for specific topics? Please help. Thank you.



    This really isn’t helpful for me.

    Actually it’s very helpful because many of us have noted that the tag system draws in a fair amount of traffic and improves “google juice” if you;re familiar with the term.

    The only official method to change those links back over to internal link is to make your blog inaccessable to search engines. You do this at Dashboard -> Options -> Privacy I believe. This will, of course, prevent search engines and indexing systems like Technorati from seeing your blog.

    The unoffical work around is to use Lorelle‘s method but instead of using Technorati URL, use urls for your blog and just add them into your post.

    Oh, and just for reference, it;s Regular wordpress is usually considered to be different software and catgeory links are internal within that software.

    Hope this helps,


    Actually, no, it is not helpful at all. Helpful for the company maybe, but not helpful for myself or my business. I’ll be going to Blogger. Thanks for the reply.



    Well I disagree and I gave you a workaround but I wish you luck with your business.

    Kind of moot actually as business blogs are a gray area around here. You may have had ToS problems down the road.

    Good luck to you,

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