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    I’m using the “I Feel Dirty” them at

    I am having trouble with my individual post pages as the sidebar is getting pushed to the bottom.

    It works fine on the main page and the category pages, but on individual pages like
    the sidebar is under the content.

    I have tried resizing the divs for more room but that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

    Anybody got any ideas?



    Yours is not a blog and we only provide support here for blogs hosted by

    Have you read the sticky post called “Please read me first” at the head of the forum? Reading it is important because it points out the differences between blogs hosted here by and software downloaded from and by hosted anyone other than

    You are in the wrong forum. We cannot help you here because our software is different from the software that you have installed. And, if you had read the sticky post above I would not have had to type all this out in reply to you.

    The bottom line is that you ought to be over here in this forum



    Wow thanks, i feel so welcomed now.



    I’m sure the folks at, who have the same software that you do, will welcome you and provide answers to your questions on their support forum. On the other hand, we cannot answer your questions here so — Adieu and happy blogging. :)



    andrewsain, it is a common mistake as most people just type in instead of The folks here help people with hosted blogs with as timethief mentioned and there are plenty of folks to help you over in the other forums! Good luck!


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