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    Can anybody help me?
    I am using the Columnist theme and have chosen widgets but can’t get them to display on my blog? For some reason the widget columns aren’t displaying….

    The blog I need help with is



    You have everything set up correctly. :)

    For the Columnist theme, widgets are only displayed in areas with single posts – so the widgets won’t be displayed on your blog’s home page, but will be displayed, for example, on a post page like this one.



    Hi Coffeemanmatt :-)
    Thanks for the help! One question I’m hoping you may be able to help me is that I am trying to post the blog web address as a link for people to click on, and it shows up as a ‘protected’ blog. I’ve tried looking at my privacy settings and it is set as ‘allow search engines to index this site’. I’m not sure what else to change to enable people to view it?
    Hope you have a good weekend!


    Hi, Since we are on the topic of the columnist theme I’m wondering if one can get to display the widgets on the side bar and not all the way at the bottom. Is it possible?



    HI Sidewaystosound,

    Any luck getting the widgets on the side? I’d love to be alble to do that too!




    Me too!



    Hello there,
    The Columnist theme is designed to have widgets displayed ONLY in areas with single posts, so the widgets won’t be displayed on your blog’s home page.
    theme description >
    live demo site >



    This is a beautiful theme and it really is a pity that it is not possible to use the sidebar on the right all the time, because then it would be the perfect theme for me. :(



    Yes I agree Oelbertscape – maybe we can petition the designers :-)


    Agreed. I love this theme but I am thinking of switching because I want to have at least my Archives displayed on my homepage along the right side.


    Disagree. The days of viewing blogs only from desktops and expecting to have sidebar on each and every page in the blog are fading fast. We have entered the mobile era of blogging. The trend is towards responsive width themes that do not display a sidebar on every page in the blog and in fact display sidebars below posts when viewed on mobiles, and the use of custom menus as opposed to widgets in sidebars.


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    Hi! i’m a new Columist User. I’m working in a test -blog
    just to learn how to use WordPress and this theme in particular. I’m having some problems i hope to solve soon.
    1) I’ve read with attention your comments about widgets. Does it mean it´s impossible to have a search box in the main page?
    2) How do you do to spread submenus from main menu? For instance : “Being Faye” at
    3) What do i have to do if i want the picture i’ve chosen as a thumbnail at the beginning of the post, also?
    4) Why can´t i choose a pic for thumbnail if it’s inserted from a URL and not my library?

    How do yo


    Hey tupumuki, so yes unfortunately it isn’t possible to have a search box on the main page.
    To answer your 3rd question, I usually set my pictures by making them a featured image. If your image is more than 600px in width it shows up on your post like this else you will probably have to resize it which is a bit of drag when you are taking stuff of the internet!

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