Help with the Confit Theme & archiving

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    The way I have it set up now I can’t see the archives without going down & seeing that small print older posts with the newer posts on the other side. Is there a way so all posts can be viewed on the left hand sidebar when clicking on a certain category or by the month. What it does now is when you click on those is goes to the latest post then again to see any older you have to click thru each article till you find what your looking for. I want a list to pop up on the sidebar? Does that make sense. I am new to all this, & have real basic computer skills.
    Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Oh one more thing, is there a way to get help with a walk thru of some kind on a theme that we are using, just to know what all is possible & how to set it up?

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