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    I have activated the Inuit theme for my blog, Unfortunately, the pictures are not showing just like it does in the template of the theme and on this blog with the same theme My blog looks dull that way, just text….

    Any clue?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Edit a post and use the “Post Thumbnail” module. Choose “Set thumbnail” and choose an image from the media library. Click on “Use as thumbnail.” (not “insert into post”)

    Post thumbnail pictures must be uploaded to the media library: linked images (as from Flickr) won’t work.

    Be aware that the post thumbnails don’t appear on category or archive pages.



    I see what you mean. I’m using the same theme and same layout. The images in my posts do not display on the front page just like the images in one of your blogs don’t display either. Why on earth they display in but not in your other blog or mine is beyond me.

    Please contact Staff and then post their response to you here so we all understand why this discrepancy exists.


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    You must set a thumbnail for each post, as I explained above.
    If you choose “featured post” entries = 1
    “one column featured posts”
    then you will have the large picture across the post text. Other posts on the same page will be square images.

    If you choose a number other than 1 (up to the number of posts you have set to display per page), then each post on the front page will have big picture.



    Thank you Tess. Duh … I knew this yesterday and forgot it overnight. It’s working fine now that I have edited and set the thumbnail to display.


    Hey timethief, 1tess is absolutely right! I went back to the “add image icon”. I went to the “media library” since I had already uploaded the image before. So I clicked “show” next to the picture I wanted and then I selected “use as thumbnail” instead of clicking “insert into post” and it now shows on my page.

    Thank you @1tess. The only problem is that I have to go back and do that to all my posts since I had never used thumbnails before… Sniff…


    Oh wow, it looks like we all were commenting at the same time! Thank to both of you!


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    You are welcome.
    The post thumbnails are so new that they are still steaming! None of us has used that “feature” before.

    LOL, it was probably you who clued me in to begin with.



    Yeah, I think it was and that makes it even worse that I forgot. :(

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