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Help with the new Suburbia theme

  1. I just started using the new Suburbia theme, and so far I love it. I just have one question. I found out how to feature certain posts on the front page by using the STICKY feature, and that's great...but how do I get my other posts to lay themselves out in a row of five similar to the smaller posts in the Suburbia theme demo (rather than being displayed one by one)? Also, when a reader is viewing a post and decides to select a category (in the menu to the right), only one post is displayed at a time, causing the reader to keep clicking the OLDER POSTS link in the lower left navigation pane. My blog can be found at Any help that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Suburbia description notes
    live demo site
    other forum threads

    Some themes are coded to display full posts on Archives and Categories pages and some are not. In most themes the main posts page —and in many themes the category and monthly archive pages as well— normally display a number of full posts. >

    Unless the theme in question provides an active excerpt box then we cannot overide the display othat appears on the Categories and Archives pages.

    The number of posts we display on our front page is set here > Settings > Reading
    When we click any post title that post will be displayed in full on it's own page.

  3. @Robert: Please paste the URL of your blog when asking questions here. Or (better for you) make your username link to your blog (Users > Personal Settings: scroll down to Account Details, paste blog URL in the Website field, click Save Changes).

  4. Suburbia theme

    @justpi, thanks for the advice. I made my username link to my blog.
    @timethief, I appreciate your advice, but what I'm trying to accomplish is to make my blog look exactly like the demo blog on the Suburbia theme showcase page (which can be found here: )

    I figured that if it's possible to do on the demo, then I should be able to do it in reality on my blog.

  5. but how do I get my other posts to lay themselves out in a row of five similar to the smaller posts in the Suburbia theme demo (rather than being displayed one by one)?

    How many posts do you have set to display here? Settings > Reading
    Blog pages show at most__posts

  6. Timethief's new reply answers your other question as well.

  7. @justpi
    Good day to you. :)

  8. ~~

  9. Wow! That was exactly what I was looking for! Timethief, you're a genius (you too justpi)


  10. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I'm having trouble getting my images to show in this theme. They display properly on the individual post page, but only the text or links show on the main page. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  11. We don't have links to the images you posted and don't know if the images are the correct dimensions specified by the theme or not. Your blog is private so we cannot read the source code and discover what you did and tell you how to resolve this. if you want Voulteer help I suggest that you change the blog visibility to option 2 here so we can help. Otherwise you will need to contact Staff as they do have backend access to blogs.

  12. I'm having the same issue as @jessicalweimer. I can show photos on my post pages on my blog but not on the homepage?

  13. On the main page, Suburbia doesn't display regularly inserted images. You need to set a featured image to each post. See here:

  14. I too have a question: Souldaddy and the suburbia theme have 5 bottom areas at the bottom of each page, on my widgets screen there is only an option for 4 bottom areas, how do i add a fifth?

  15. Thanks @justpi! It seems it only works with uploaded photos, not ones that are linked from a URL, is that correct? I can't seem to get URL images to be featured images.

    Separately, does anyone know how to create two menus on the homepage (leftmost column)? I'm only seeing the option to display one menu.

  16. 1) Yes, featured images must be uploaded to the blog.

    2) See here:

  17. I have the same question as @chariskanton. I only have access to four bottom areas instead of five like in the demo. Is there a way to get the fifth available on the free version?

  18. littlebranchesbigtrees

    Hi there, I have just installed the Suburbua theme to my site and this : has happened and i have no idea why or how to fix it... sorry if this is a thread hyjack... I just need help!

  19. @littlebranchesbigtrees
    That's not a free hosted blog. It's a install. The two run on different software and have different versions of the same theme. We cannot help you here. is for those with installs.

  20. @chariskanton, @suzanneyvette,

    Suburbia in supports only four widget areas in the footer. The far left grid is reserved for page navigation which appears on index and archive view if they have more than one page.

  21. origininteriors

    Is there are a way to change the text under the navigation?
    On the demo it says next, but on mine it says Older Posts. I can't see the text in the CSS and I'm not sure where this is to change it. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

    This isn't a CSS thread so will you please use this link to start your own thread in the CSS Forum where Staff will help you with your CSS editing of the Suburbia theme?

  23. Hello, I could use a few very basic instructions to get started with my Suburbia theme. I think the problem might be that I haven't figured out the difference between Pages and Posts and how to use them.

    Here's my blog so far:

    I don't know how to make a front page and actually get started. Can you point me in the correct direction for beginning steps please. How do I get a front page with the demo look and how do I change the demo contents to my contents?

    Thank you, Judy

  24. philiparthurmoore

    @roadgas: It looks like you've figured this out but for clarification, everything on your front page (and the demo front page) is a Post, not a Page. To learn about the differences between Posts and Pages, see the following documentation: Cheers.

  25. Ok, I'm having the problem where I can't get the photos to appear on my main page. I've looked and looked and have given up! Please help!

  26. Suburbia theme description
    Featured Post - Featured Images - Sticky Posts
    With Suburbia, you can enlarge and feature your most important posts by marking them as Sticky posts. The featured image works best with images at least 350 by 248 (width, height).

    Suburbia live demo site

    Suburbia forum threads

    sticky posts

  27. I JUST figured it out - thanks though!

  28. You're welcome.

  29. Oh! One more thing! I want to upload a custom background. What are the exact dimensions? Thanks in advance!

  30. Let's see what the theme description says about theme width:
    The main column width is 547 except in the full-width layout, where it’s 744.

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