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help with URL

  1. What would you like to see on the front page ideally -- your posts perhaps? Or a certain page?

    If you want your posts on the front page, you can delete that new page you made and just set Customize > Front Page to show your latest posts on the front page.

    By the way, I'm happy to help you here.

    If you are looking for any 101 type materials though, we have some awesome resources you might like: and

  2. neesrecordaolcom

    Thanks. Happy St. Paddy's.

  3. Cheers :)

  4. neesrecordaolcom

    Okay, I went through the support links and I still can't figure out why when I manually upload my last book review to FB it shows the image of another book. This has never happened to me before. How the heck do I fix this one?

  5. @neesrecordaolcom I got this message from Facebook's debug tool:

    "Image Too Big Provided og:image URL, could not be downloaded because it exceeded the maximum allowed sized of 8Mb."

    Can you try downloading this:

    and uploading it? Then let us know here and we'll check again.

  6. neesrecordaolcom

    I googled trying to figure it out for myself and read about the image being too big but it is no different then the other images I have posted of book covers. I'll try the directions on the below link and get back to you.

  7. The best practices page says you should upload a larger image if you can, just make sure it's not over 8MB.

    Can you try uploading another copy, maybe one that's one of the sizes recommended here:

  8. neesrecordaolcom

    I changed it a few times and got it to work thanks so very much!

  9. Perfect. Cheers!

  10. neesrecordaolcom

    After receiving many "likes" from another blogger I went to check out what they were reading/saying. When I click the link I always get the message saying that the site doesn't exist. Can you please explain to me why this happens?

    Thanks, Martie

  11. Can you send a link to where you see that link?

  12. neesrecordaolcom


    it reads: doesn’t exist

  13. Thanks, I meant can you tell me where you saw the link to that site? Was it in an email or a comment, or.. ?

  14. neesrecordaolcom

    It, was through a comment on my blog from "" When I went to click the above site it takes me to "" which says the site does not exist.

    Is that the info you need to check it out?

  15. Thanks @neesrecordaolcom, I don't see that in your comments even with searching them, but if you will send a link to that comment I'll take a look.

    It sounds to me like someone has their profile set up incorrectly, but they would need to get in touch with us to fix it.

  16. neesrecordaolcom

    Okay weird. But I can't get it to you for a few days I'll be off line. She almost always comments or likes my posts. Sent from my iPhone

  17. OK. Maybe just have her get in touch. Otherwise, feel free to respond here later when you have more info. Cheers :)

  18. hi. A fellow blogger can't seem to be able to access my page. When she clicks on my link in the comments section, she just gets a "blog doesn't exist", and while I click on hers I get a " can't retrieve posts". Help?

  19. Hi @peacekathure, thanks for getting in touch. Can you fix your address here?

    The address you have there now, , does not currently exist, so you can fix this for new comments going forward by updating the address there.

    Or, if you want to move your site to that address, let us know & we'll help -- just don't create it as a new site unless you want it as a separate site from your existing one.

  20. Thank you

  21. You bet :)

  22. neesrecordaolcom

    Hey Supernovia, I was tired of the popups notifications from WordPress on my laptop, so I thought I was stopped them but now I see my notification bell is gone. I'm feeling so frustrated. My book review blog seems to be taking off but I can't seem to master the simple stuff.

    So: I want the bell on my blog to show me notifications. I DO NOT want popup notifications on my laptop.


  23. Do you mean the browser notifications? You should be able to disable those here: That should leave the bell working.

  24. neesrecordaolcom

    thanks...i do want the bell but i don't want the popups from wp on my laptop...thanks...i think i got it now.

  25. You bet. That option shouldn't disable the bell, just the popups. Cheers :)

  26. neesrecordaolcom

    Hello again, Can you help me out with my Contact page. If you take a look you will see it is illegible. Martie

  27. Hi @neesrecordaolcom, it looks good to me. What's happening on your end? Can you get a screenshot perhaps and upload it to your media library?

  28. neesrecordaolcom

    Hi, Can someone pls fix my bibliography. My edit page always looks different than my view page and it is driving me crazy. I tried to list the books with the links using default and as usual made a mess.

    If possible, can someone go in and fix my mess one more time (yes, i went through the instructions, I just s_ck at this. Below is the link and as usual thanks.


  29. @neesrecordaolcom it looks fine to me, but perhaps I just don't know what else you have in mind. What is messy about it?

  30. neesrecordaolcom

    Well when I am editing, the lines spacing is screwy and i have to keep playing around with it till it looks okay on the view page....also even now I have some extra spacing between books on the view's driving me loonly tunes dear friend.

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