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    Hi, I’m super new to this whole thing! =)

    I’m still figuring the website out, but I’m having trouble finding something. I’m going to be writing for the Gallaudet University website, and they have their own little thing called “gallaudetblog”… I have to post under that and not my blogging name. I can post blogs on my blog fine, but how could I post on another blog?

    (I’ve already been invited into that other blog thing, but it doesn’t work. The person I could ask is on vacation, and I’d like to get this figured out now. =])




    Make sure you log in to that other blog with the password that goes with it, and not the one to your own blog.
    If that doesn’t work, you must ask the person that added you and invited you, and check what access status you have. (you could maybe ask support here if they could check that you have been added as contributor).



    Please contact Support with the blog URL, as well as your username. As boblets so correctly stated, we can verify your status (or lack thereof) on that particular blog.

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