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    I want to put the fliker widget on my blog.I have the free account with wordpress.I am new at this and have been struggling to put one on.I just learned how to put rss feeds on my blog.I would like to know a very simple way to put a widgets on my blog.




    Sidebar widgets are restricted due to security concerns with Javascript. Lucky for you there are a couple of options:

    1. There is a Flickr widget already enabled. Go to the Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets in your dashboard. You’ll see a Flickr widget. Drag it to where you want it on the sidebar and click the icon next to the widget name. That will bring up a config box where you can put in your Flickr ID.

    2. There are also text widgets. In these you can put in whatever you want. HTML for images, standard text etc. What you can’t do is put in JS or Flash.

    Hope this helps.

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