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  1. I need help is there anyway for me to set a defualt post template? Like I use feedburner for my blog, and I want at the bottom of each post to have the links provided by feedburner, such as share on facebook, or e-mail author, but I also have 2 other contributors to my blog who arnt so tech savy and dont quite understand that stuff

    plus i dont want to have to look it up everytime i write a post, is there anyway for me to make a post template that automaticlly loads everytime we go to write a post?

  2. Sure. Just write a post with all of the stuff in there and leave it as a draft. Then when you need that info, open that post and copy the info to the new post.

  3. Let me clarify. There is no way to do a default template. But by using a draft, you can keep all that info in one place.

  4. well that sux

    but i guess thatll have to work

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