Help with WordPress Basics i.e. plug ins, themes, etc.

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    Please do not be upset with me if I have brought up a topic which has already been covered, but I will promise you that I have been searching all night long through tons of tutorials all over the internet as to how to install plug ins and other general, supposedly “simple” upgrades to my blog… and I still don’t have a clue what they are talking about. I have searched high and low, I have tried to get whatever those FTP things are…

    basically I just don’t understand the jargon. Everything that I have managed on my site is extremely basic and done from a manipulation of link categories. That is it. That is all I can figure out as far anything remotely widget like. (The others don’t seem to be of any use to me, although I will check that one more time to be sure. )

    I also couldn’t find whatever RSS feed info they told me would be at the bottom of my flickr homepage so that i could link the basic flickr widget with my albums.

    Altogether the language involved is completely alien to me, and I really just need the kindest, simplest help that anyone is willing to offer. I just got done watching an entire video that taught me nothing, it just frustrated me more.

    I have a MAC

    So please. Please. I beg of thee. And…

    tell me what you think of my blog so far please?! I would love to know whats on your mind.





    So then my next question would be, is there a way to transfer my current .com blog over to a .org blog and host in on a site that i already own?

    is this not a good option for me if i even have to ask these questions?

    thank you btw. im just not the tutorial type sometimes, i miss small details. i need explicit direction. that was very explicit. =)


    As far as plugins, they are small modular programs that “plug” into wordpress and extend the functionality however we cannot use plugins here at wordpress.COM and we have no FTP access, so there is no reason for you to look for an FTP client.

    We are limited to the themes that are in your admin area under design > themes. We cannot upload or use themes from outside wordpress.COM. We can modify the look of exisiting themes here with the paid CSS upgrade, but unless you have some experience with CSS, it isn’t recommended. There is not official support for it, are only a few here that have a modest level of experience. We have one guy with a high level of experience that stops by from time to time, but no one knows when.

    With WordPress.COM, we do not have to worry about any upgrades, maintenance, backups or troubleshooting. That is all taken care of for us, but because this is a multi-user platform, we do have limitations.

    Self-hosted blogs using the wordpress software downloaded from wordpress.ORG, have virtually no limitations. You can install plugins and you can install themes you find on the internet. You also have full access to the underlying wordpress and theme files (if you have experience with PHP scripting language). Self-hosted blogs however put all the burdens of upgrades, maintenance, backups and troubleshooting on the blogger (or someone they can bribe to help them with it).


    Talk with your current web host. Many have a “one button install” available that will walk you through the installation. If not, then it will have to be done manually by FTP.

    Head over to http://wordpress.ORG/ (the getting started section)



    This thread has a long list of resources and tips, although some are outdated:

    For newer tips on using, you will want to check out



    I am attempting to activate a link to feedburner. Feedburner gives directions for downloading a plugin for wordpress; however, i now read that wordpres does NOT accept plugings.
    What is the real scoop here?
    How can I set up a feed burner on my wordpress blog?



    The ‘real scoop’ is that there is wordpress and wordpress. This is all explained in the sticky thread which is called ‘Please Read Me First Before Posting’ for a reason.

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