Help WordPress is so hard to use – I can't find my dashboard, I don't understand

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    I don’t understand anything on here.
    I’v’e just paid to have a blog and right now I want my money back.
    The help page just says I have a dashboard but I can’t find my dashboard.
    When I go to my webpage it just shows me my empty page with no option to log in and start blogging.

    Your service is so un-intuitive it is mind blogging HELP!
    Can someone help me? Call me? IM me?


    The blog I need help with is


    Your dashboard will be at

    Bookmark the above link for future reference.

    You can also, once you get to your dashboard, go to appearance > widgets, and drag the “meta” widget over and into one of the widget area that are on the theme you are currently using. A login link will then always be in that widget as well as a “site admin” link that will take you to your dashboard.

    Since you just started, and since you purchased a domain name with things, it can take 24-72 hours for the domain name propagation to complete (although it is generally 24 hours or less) and how soon you will see your site under the domain name you chose is dependent on how often your ISP update their DNS caches.

    Here are a couple of resources for you on getting started with wordpress.



    nobody said you to pay money, you can use it for free and decide if you want pay them or not:) it’s same with all “IT” you can try application before you buy it.




    Every single step of the way causes confusion, is overly complicated/ menus and sub menus,.. – even something as simple as find out how to change the font size is impossible – I had to google it!!

    The whole layout from accounts to managing blogs to writing tools… EVERYTHING is an effort to find and comprehend. Seriously I used this site to get a an easier solution than programming Dreamweaver CS5 – Just learn to use CS5 it’s easier!! and that’s saying something!

    Bard (Bsc Hons)





    Try WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson. I just bought that from Amazon and it’s very good.

    Meanwhile, I can understand your confusion. I’ve had a blog here since September and still get perplexed sometimes but I like the challenge of working my way around and discovering what all the little buttons, links etc are for.

    Good luck.




    Thanks for the tips, reading a book on the subject might be a bit time consuming, it’s a pity that wordpress has taken user feedback onboard as I came here 2 years ago and didn’t use WP in the end because of the way they present a simple subject: put up a blog, in such a convoluted way! Thanks for the video link!

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