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    I had a blog with username doctortwo, blog name Undoing Denial. Today I started a new blog called IBS Reports <it *does* reproduce a whole government report which is NOT copyrighted, but in the public domain; eventually I will add reports compiled from my own writings.> For the new blog I was unwilling to use the “doctortwo” name, as that is a personal opinion blog and the IBSRePORTS blog is a general information blog.

    So, I set up a new account, using a different email. Actually I set up two accounts, because the set up pages, which had puzzled me with the Undoing Denial blog, were even more puzzling with this one. At one point I used an email address associated with the Undoing Denial blog, and cancelled out of that sign up.

    Now when I have posted to IBSReports, and try to go back to DoctorTwo/Undoing Denial, I can *see* but when I try to use the Dashboard, it pops me into IBSReports.

    Is UndoingDenial never to be accessed again? I am very much alarmed.




    Sometimes people get confused and think they can change their email address on theis page -> Users -> Your Profile. But if you change it there it will not “take”.

    The correct place to change your email address is here -> Options -> General
    scroll down to:
    E-mail address: _________________
    Then click “Update Options” to save.

    This address is used only for admin purposes. If you change this we will send you an email at your new address to confirm it. The new address will not become active until confirmed.



    i think you misunderstood the OP :)

    make sure you sign out of your IBSReports username and sign back in under DoctorTwo. If you are logging in under the correct name and still not being able to access the dashboard of the blog you need, there may be a back-end mix up that staff will be able to help you with.



    Ahhhh… thanks judy. :)



    Yes, Judyb12, that was it! Now I know that my separate identities and their blogs are securely separated in the computer, as long as they stay separated in my mind!
    Thanks. This is resolved.



    Okay, I can’t see where to mark “resolved” so I’ll add my thanks to “Timethief” for your knowledgeable solutions and kind comments in so many forum posts. I browsed, before I really tried to pick out which subject line was mine. Thanks.



    Wow! Thanks for your kind words. Considering I misunderstood you I feel disentitled your praise. On the other hand, judy is awesome. :)

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