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    Something is remapping my pages. I used tio have a page called and a page called I deleted and everything under it, so should now be returning 404. But when I access by entering it into the address bar of my browser (Firefox 3.6) I do not get a 404. Instead I get

    It appears that some excessively helpful service is noticing the 404, finding an alternate URL with the same leaf name (in this case “topic”) and redirecting to the “corrected” URL.

    I am pretty sure that the issue is not a browser issue because Google denies requests to remove the URL from their cache because it does not generate a 404 when the GoogleBot tries to access it. And when I send the GoogleBot directly at the target URL it happily reports success at fetching prefix/XYZ/topic/. So I think the wordpress server is giving the extra help. I speculate that a hyperactive spelling corrector is the cause.

    How can I tell it to stop helping?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but I cannot help with this. Have you contacted Staff?



    Hi. This might be the answer, but if you want to confirm, feel free to contact staff like timethief said:

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