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helping selindek set up her site and can't create links to blogs, we have tried

  1. i am trying to help my friend Selinde set up her under selindek and we are completely unable to create links to her Blogrolls. We tried the helps provided

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you want specific help for a specific blog the way to get it is to make sure the blog is public and post a an active link starting with http:// Otherwise we are speculating.

  3. You create a blogroll in your dashboard Links section and then display it in the sidebar by installing the Links widget. See here please >

  4. we did all of the above

  5. Please provide an active link starting with http:// to the blog so we can examine what's going on there.

  6. Hi,
    Selinde here...
    Trying to link this address to my Blogroll:

  7. That's NOT a blog at all.

  8. If you need help with your weebly site then weebly support is where you get help, not here.

  9. Sorry,
    The link we are trying to add is:
    And my wordpress address is:
    Is this more clear?

  10. So you're talking about putting the link to the weebly site in your Links widget on is that correct? So far the only widget I see there is the Blogs I Follow widget. You need to put the Links widget in the sidebar.

  11. I don't clearly comprehend what your issue is. You can add any link to any site your want in your blogroll on your blog.

    Add New Links
    To add a new link, click on Add New in the Links menu:
    See here please >

  12. Hallelujah, thanks, forgot the simple links widget. Thanks a bunch.

  13. Hooray!

  14. You're welcome. It is a bit fiddly at first.

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