Help…my posts and pages appearance are wrong/different.

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    Hello all,
    My blog posts and page(s) appearance are wrong/different than my main page (I am using the Adelle theme). The colors and font are way off from what they are supposed to be. I have checked in the CSS revisions to see if something happened and it says that no revisions have been made. Like I said…the main page is correct, but if you click on a different page or post it looks different. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    The blog I need help with is



    This thread will be moved to the CSS Forum for you. Please do not create a duplicate thread.



    I looked at your blog. I d/n see anything that seemed off but you know best what you are supposed to be seeing. Could you be more specific?


    Hi! I just wanted to check back in here to make sure everything’s working okay now for you @christieconyerphotography. Are you still having trouble with colors and fonts? I checked the site just now, and everything looked good to me.


    Closing this since everything looks good to me and I haven’t heard back from the OP.

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