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Hemingway displays wrong in IE 7

  1. Hi, I've just noticed that Hemingway theme is wrong under Internet Explorer 7 - bottom bar has only 2 columns and in 120 dpi "About this entry" is located under the post and to the right. Normal dpi still results in 2 columns and the rest is fine.

    With 2 columns this theme is useless. Can someone try to fix this?

    Firefox and IE6 displays always correctly. Tested on 3 machines, no changes to CSS, browser etc.

  2. Yours is the first complaint of this nature we've heard; are you sure it's not related to one of the other causes of sidebar errors that have been discussed here many times before? IE is always the first browser to show that particular error up, as if its columns are narrower than other browsers or something.

  3. Is there a faq of these errors? But I suppose it's not that problem as I was searching through the forums and found another blog with the same error. This is only a case of IE7 but as my friend just checked on his XP IE7 it works fine so maybe that's a problem with Vista somehow? Wired... IE and FF truly displays columns a little different but in this case the whole layout stays wide as it should, columns look the same, only a third column (and post info) floats.

  4. Just checked on another machine with Vista 64, IE7, 120dpi and it works fine... I have no clue why those 2 different machines display incorrect with stock settings as IE is not used.

  5. I am having a problem with this layout in IE7 too. On the homepage where there are 2 columns, in IE7 it wraps. So there is one column on the left and then the other one is underneath it, but not lined up. What CSS do I add to make it 2 columns?

  6. I fixed the 2 column layout issue by making the right div 47% or something instead of 48%. But I have also noticed that in IE7 when you are reading a post the bottom gray area does not show up.

  7. I also have the same problem on my blog with IE7 and Hemingway theme.
    Is there some workaround for users, who do not have CSS upgrade?
    Thanks in advance

  8. This is the way it looks like. Rarewiev has discribed this bug (feature) above...

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