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    So I haven’t been able to figure out whether it’s possible to play with theme options without actually changing my theme. Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to make Hemingway display an entire post on the front page rather than those incredibly short excerpts? I’m just worried someone would get to my front page and give up when there is very little content there.

    If there’s no way to do this, am I right in assuming that there’s no way to change this with CSS as well?




    It is not possible to do, period, as far as I know.



    Yikes. Well, that makes my choice easier. Thanks.



    Unfortunately as far as I know, it’s only possible to do if you self host and can edit the php files.


    You can get around this fact with a little work; instead of a dynamically generated frontpage you can create a custom homepage with content that you create and update by hand. This is labor intensive but with tables and <div> elements you can craft the experience that you are looking for. If you have a site with a great deal of content that is uploaded regularly your best option is to choose another theme that is customizable like Sandbox:


    Best of luck!

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