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    Is it possible to extend the length of the snippet in Hemingway? I would like there to be no snippet, actually, just the entirety of the newest post on the front blog page.

    I can easily upgrade to a paid user account if this is the solution…

    Thanks and happy new year,



    Hi there,
    The forum search box is bound to turn up similar requests for adjusting excerpt lengths and maybe re-coding the theme to allow a full post on the front page. You can send in a feedback to request this. Also note that the Fadtastic theme has this one post on the front page feature, although it may not be a design you prefer. And any other theme can be set to display only one post on the front page.



    Actually I don’t remember seeing that request in the past.

    Agree on the feedback but that would mean changing the theme for everybody else who uses that theme since it would mean editing the theme files. I can’t see it happening.

    Best bet if you’re really in need of this is to grab the software from wordpress.org and find yourself a host. You might be able to get something simular to what you want with the CSS upgrade and setting the blog to only display one post at a time but that would be a stretch.



    you can also manually enter an excerpt in the box below the post (on the Write panel of your Dashboard). That way you can control what shows on the front page (although i don’t know what the character limit is for excerpts).


    So a CSS upgrade doesn’t necessarily give me the ability to fully modify themes… I should just switch to the .org version.

    (The excerpt idea also works — great tip — but it doesn’t allow extensive formatting, obviously.)

    Thanks guys.


    custom CSS won’t allow you to edit the elements on the page. it only allows you to change their appearance.

    you can make a hemingway-esque style in CSS, and apply it to a theme ( *cough* Sandbox *cough* ) that uses full posts, but you can’t change whether the theme uses excerpted posts or not.



    (The excerpt idea also works — great tip — but it doesn’t allow extensive formatting, obviously.)

    David, I’m wondering about size limitations on the excerpt. Can you give us some info on that?



    Sun, I think hemingway overrides those.


    Am I the only one who absolutely HATES this theme? It’s too bottom-heavy, and you can only see a small portion of one or two posts. I stopped visiting a couple of otherwise interesting blogs because it was too aggravating trying to navigate around.



    *lol* I feel the same way.

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