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    I realize that the header size is 1280x 426 pixels but would like to know what the resolution of the header image is set to with this theme?

    I have an image in the media library that I scaled down but still seems to be much sharper in focus when I view the picture on the photo viewer from it’s location in a folder on my computer – than what is showing up on the website after I put it into the header.

    It looks like the image – when inserted on to a site page(I tried it) – experiences the same loss of resolution as what shows up in the header.

    But in photo viewer on my computer… sharp!

    What’s up with this?


    The blog I need help with is slaterunsportsmen.com.


    Any way for me to delete a duplicate thread I created in this forum?



    Hi slaterunsportsmen

    Note: As per the theme support documentation it should be 1280 by 416 as header images on single posts and pages.

    To know more about the specification of images, footer and sidebar etc you can refer to the theme support document and for this issue, you can check Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels) section that is there in the left-hand side:

    Hope this helps.



    Just also letting you know that if you have any kind of WordPressdotcom upgrade plan you are also eligible for assistance directly from support when you use the contact form at https://wordpress.com/contact/help


    Shub – I posted it wrong… you are certainly correct – 416 not the 426 I posted. And I have seen the theme info you are mentioning. It does not tell me what happens to the header image when used in the header though does it? Not where I’ve looked on that page anyway.

    But my main issue is resolution or sharpness of the image used in the header. I’m seeing a degraded image after I put it in the header and when I put it in the ‘Discussion’ page I have on the website.

    I scaled the image so that it’s file-size was in the hundreds of KB instead of its original >2MB form. I learned early that large files sizes like that slow the site down way too much so – I’m aware of that.

    Many of the pictures I’ve put on the site are really sharp and in focus. But that latest image – where I put text on the image BEFORE I imported it into the media library… THAT image really shows how it is converted or compressed or somehow manipulated when that one is put in the header to on a site page. It LOOSES sharpness. :(

    I thought I saw somewhere that WP does this … compresses pictures in the header or footer. Am I ‘all wet’ here? (meaning for those that do not know… am I incorrect?)

    Thanks SRS

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