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Hemingway text color changed!

  1. Hello,

    Something happened to hemingway text color.. it was white, which allowed good contrast for reading over dark backgrounds, and now is greenish or bluish...

    Please help

    - AbS

  2. It looks fine to me..monitor problem? IE?

  3. Firefox on Tiger here... i could swear it was white, no changes in other pages or images i have around here, just the text color on Hemingway. Do you see it white?



  4. The text to me within the articles is a dark off white. Been like that to me since I saw the theme for the first time a few days ago.

    I can't read it but I have a hard time picking up dark on dark. (Don't get me started on dark blue written on a black background.)

    Using Netscape 7.2 by the way.

    I'd send them a feedback on it. I would think that that would be an issue that should be addressed as the theme really is unreadable. (Not only on yours but others as well.)


    edit: I sent them in a feedback as well as I can't read it either.

  5. It's not unreadable to me, but it does seem weird that the 'sidebar' bit below is much more legible (better contrast) than the extracts from the posts themselves...

  6. Thanks drmike, i'll send them some feedback. White text should be more legible.


  7. i hope that they will enable us to change the background colour, font-size and font colour because really, i got difficulty with reading blogs that use hemingway due to the very small font size, and grey font colour in a black background! anyway, your blog looks okay absynthe, there's nothing wrong with it as it still has the same font colour as how the original theme has, i am using firefox on windows XP.

  8. Log, see here.


  9. Log, see here.


    I Do know it Dr, few themes as regulus enables us to change header and another colours, and the Default theme enables us to change the header image! What I meant to say is that I hope we also get the similar option as what Regulus and the Default theme have, I hope you get me. Hemingway is just bit unreadable for people who have bad eyes like me

  10. Yeah, my eyes suck as well.

    Maybe an email to the original creator of the theme in question suggesting that feature would be welcomed. I seriouly doubt that the WP team has the time to start rewriting themes.

    Some authors of themes have this feature built in. I agree it's a good one and I wish other theme designers did so as well.

  11. What I do to change to font size is in the html post section just add

    <font size="?"> ...before all text.... then end in...</font>

    For the "?"I use "2", which seems a lot more readable.

    and to change the colour I do

    <font color="red"> bla bla bla </font>

    The the text will be red.

    Pretty basic, but it works for posts, and pages.


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