Hemingway Theme Category Bug?

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    I noticed that in the Hemingway theme, when clicking on a Category or a Tag in the Single Post view, it takes you to a http://en.wordpress.com/ url searching for blogs associated with that Category or Tag.

    This is as opposed to taking you to a list of posts within your own blog associated with those categories or tags.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is uhviceversa.wordpress.com.



    ah, one more thing, here’s a list to the blog post example:


    clicking catergories or tags in the left sidebar leads you to a new site, though clicking on them in the footer does what it should…


    No, they both do what they should. In all wp.com themes, categories and tags in your sidebar or bottombar take you to your relevant posts; categories and tags in the metadata of an individual post take you to the global wp pages.

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