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Hemingway theme translation

  1. Some terms in the Hemingway theme, are not added to the translation system.
    I just wanted to know why is that? Also, can we hope that in the future these terms can be translated too?

    For example in the following page you'll find a few terms that are not translatable:
    (It's a blog with domain mapping upgrade)

    "About this entry"
    "You’re currently reading"
    "an entry on"
    "Jump to comment form"
    "trackback uri"
    "Have your say"
    "add your comment"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thank You My Friend For Your Kindly Attention.

  3. It's being corrected, thanks. I'll let you know once it's done.

  4. Thank You Dear Zé , any news yet ?

  5. "Internationalized" Hemingway was just committed. Give it few hours before its strings show up on Translate

  6. Thanks very much Zé
    But exactly after internationalization of Hemingway, there is a problem about the comment counter.
    There is an extra meaningless "d" after the number of comment, like this:

    '2d comments'
    (counter should be >= 2)

    I checked it, and it seems that even when I choose English as the blog language, the problem still exists. So it is not related to a wrong translation.

    I just thought that it might be related to changes you may have made.

  7. Thank You dear Zé & irdb for you kindly attention to make suitable for all languages , I have this problem , as irdb said you can see this problem in both English & Farsi.

  8. @irdb & @jarkman,

    Sorry about the slow response.
    Just wanted to tell you that this problem was fixed on Dec. 22, 2009.

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