Hemingway Theme : White Not Showing Up

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    K, so this is my day one. But, I swear I’ve tried everything I know (clearing cache, cookies, switching back and forth between themes, using different browsers) to get the Hemingway theme to appear in the “white” scheme vs. the “black” scheme (though WP tells me that my blog’s style has been updated). Apparently not. Still looking very dark in the black theme.

    The blog I need help with is lovesaveslives.org.


    It appears black to me also. I tried it on one of my test blogs and it switches for me. Did you click the “update color” button? Make sure when you do that that the page completely reloads and reflects the yellow bar at the top with “style updated.”



    I tried it on my test blog. I clicked “Hemingway Options” and then clicked – “white” and “Update Color” and it worked for me.


    Thanks for the replies— yes, I’ve clicked “update color” upwards of 15 times now and for whatever reason, it’s not working for me. I did try futzing with the CSS code (I am very much a beginner when it comes to CSS) and I’ve noticed that the color changes that I’ve made to parts of the theme (in an effort to get the colors to be what I want them to be) remain when I change themes, which surprised me quite a bit. How can I restore the original theme with it’s default code?


    If changing themes, you have to go to the CSS edit page, delete everything from the CSS edit box, make sure “add to existing…” is selected and then click “save stylesheet.”


    The other thing is if you have pasted the entire CSS stylesheet into the CSS edit window, that will totally mess things up, and in most cases, the color selection stuff stops working when you do that. Once you get the CSS upgrade and start working with the CSS, then you make all your color changes in the CSS and abandon the color change controls in the dashboard.

    See this for an explanation of how to do CSS editing here: http://csswiz.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/if-you-have-the-wp-com-css-upgrade/ .

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