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Hemingway version Update

  1. Please please please pretty please, would you consider updating Hemingway to the current version?

    Version 0.12 seems interesting enough with boxes and custom stylesheets.

    Guess that many here would enjoy those new features...


    - AbS

    I forgot: link to current version:

  2. There is also a Hemingway Bright version for those that don't care for the mostly unreadable black version.

  3. Love the new Hemingway and its features :)

  4. See, this is the big problem with using beta and alpha themes -- constantly having to update them. Maybe now people will understand why k2 won't be adopted until it's finished.

  5. The blocks are cool. There's also Hemingway Reloaded which has a white/gray color scheme. All that black hurts my eyes.

    I'm holding out for Tonus or K2

  6. Thank you for the update.

    Background color has now choice of black or white... boxes are cool as well


  7. Hello,

    Would you please update the Hemingway theme to the latest version..which is v0.18 (I believe version is still 0.12)

    It fixed many issues on the white Hemingway theme..and few IE issue too.

    Thanks a lot.

  8. V. 19 now.

  9. Yes there is a updated Hemingway. The black one has made test easier to read, could wordpress update the Hemingway Template please.

    here is the url:


  10. I have asked in the feedback section of the dashboard if they can update the v.019.

    I haven't heard back yet.

    But I am justing bumping this thread.


  11. We're probably not going to update this because it doesn't look like anything that relevant has been added.

  12. There is an important new feature in version 0.19! It now has the option of an international date format.

    I would really like to use this on a new blog. The current American-style dates would be confusing, because all of my other content will be written in an international style.

    Please could you install the update?

  13. You might want to send in a Feedback and suggest it to staff. I would recommend that you specifically point to where it discusses these new features and explain why they are important.

    Hope this helps,

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