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    I was just wondering if we can have a recent comment widget for the Hemingway theme…

    I love this theme, and I am getting ppl comment on older posts from finding my posts in global tags.. but there is no-where to put the recent comments..

    I have put in feedback a couple of times. But thought that if there is anyone else who is using this theme and would like the widget. Maybe some support.

    If it can’t be done then maybe I will just have to manually make a page up and call it recent comments.

    Thanks for all your help guys and gals




    Those “widgets” were actually designed before there was true Widget support so it would probably be up to the designer to get this in there and then for WP staff to do an upgrade. I note that he or she just rolled out Flickr support in the latest release of the theme.


    I’d like Flickr support in my WordPress theme…. I guess the last version hasn’t been imported to wordpress.com yet.



    Please send in a feedback from your dashboard (with a pointer to this thread as well please) and point this out to staff. :)



    Could we get a calendar for this template also?

    One more thing, I deleted my about page by mistake on the first day, can I get my about back on the front of hemingway? please!



    Hemingway is a nice theme, but is out of date as far as features go. I hope the development of this speeds up a bit.



    I would suggest sending in feedback with these suggestions but it seems like staff doesn’t normally put in new features into themes unless its necessary to fix issues.



    Just wishful thinking. timethief suggests that I try to port Hemingway to Sandbox. Wish me luck. But don’t hold your breath. You might suffocate!

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