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  1. hi

    i'm just wondering why my images arent on the frontpage of my blog, but when i see only the post i can see them...

    I just want to add 2 images (1 per post)

    But I cant... why not?


  2. That's the way Hemingway is coded. The bit on the front page removes images and, I believe, links from the portion of the post content that's there.

  3. damn it, there's no way to show them?@

  4. None whatsoever. None. You have to choose a different theme.

  5. You can do it with the regular wordpress software from and with your blog hosted with a website hoster but since the themes here are shared, you would be making the change for everybody who used that theme if you were allowed to do so and they would be doing the same to you.

  6. Of course you can. At least I do on Hemingway. All you have to do is to write the code link of the image on the optional excerpt box. I usually turn to code instead of write and just copy & paste the code line including the image link.

  7. Can someone please show me the coding for this as I need to sort this out, since my blog is primilarry for images.


  8. You will probably be better off choosing a different theme. Hemingway is the only one I'm aware of that automatically does this; is there no other theme that you like? The code instructions are right above your post.

  9. But what does that actually mean, I usually turn the code instead of write and just copy and paste the code line? What does that mean?
    I really like this theme the way which it is layed out and the colours are very nice.
    Thanks for the help!

  10. P.S. Can I also display it smaller on the front page than what it will be on the main post, for example 250 wide, then 500 wide on the post?


  11. whoissp, on the write post section of your dashboard there's an area (box) called "optional excerpt". It is situated directly below the upload area.

    Just put the link to your image (it will read something like: <img src="... and so on) also inside this box. This will force the image to appear on the front page, where usually the excerpt (or, if the box is left empty, the first lines of the post) is shown.

    If you want to display a thumbnail on the front page and a big image in the post, just put the code for the thumbnail in the "optional excerpt" box and the code for the full size image in the body of the post.

  12. Thanks very much isadora for the help, your a star! I'm glad that I finally know how to work it!

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