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  1. cool! This theme is really cool. I saw it today on and i like it. Thanks for adding it to

  2. But the pages are missing, as far as I can see. But it's boldly declared as "alpha", so..

  3. I'll see about adding pages in.

  4. Hemingway now has pages. However the theme only really works for certain types of sites.

  5. victoriacarolina

    It's too "black" for me anyway, but thanks for whatever fix happened that I can now play with Regulus! I haven't a clue why it wouldn't offer me the "fun" stuff before, but it's certainly nice to have it now!

  6. Well, is it possible to add just a small theme option for setting some colors inside, maybe text color and the top and bottom background color. This would be a great improvment, because the layout is great, but it's really too dark for using it all the time. Some nice blue colors would fit better.

  7. Oh, and the "links" page template is not really well done. The header is too far on the left side, at least in my ff 1.5 on linux. And the List Bullets are not really nice.

  8. andreweglinton

    Hemingway rocks. I heard that the theme creator is going to release a 'white' version of Hemingway, will that be incorporated into the options or just for independant users of wp?

    I agree with kapeka that the links template and the archives template both need reworking.

    There is also an issue with resolutions on 1024x768 pix there is a problem with the bottom columns (about, recently, categories) the categories column gets pushed down to the bottom. But it seems to work fine in all other resolutions, even 800x600.

    Apart from these minor issues it's a great theme.

  9. Matt is there any way to add to the number of recent posts displayed on the front page of Hemingway? At the moment it seems fixed at 10 but i'd like to extend to 15. Is that possible?


  10. Not currently, sorry.

  11. I love Hemingway, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how the links work. Am I just not seeing them on there? If there isn't a way to have links posted with the Hemingway theme, will there be? This theme suits me the best, but i'd like to have links posted =(

  12. You could create a page and put your links on it manually.

  13. Just create a new Page and choose "links" as page templates, as I have it on my site. It's not really stylish at the moment, but it works

  14. hemmingway is a beautiful theme, but I can't seem to make the individual pages work. My blog is hosted at - is there something wrong with the setup for me? (what does it mean when you say that it won't work for all sites - technically or aesthically?)

  15. I have my own version of hemingway at my website.

    Check it out.

  16. Sadish, your version of hemingway is beautiful!

  17. Thank you lucacicca.

    let me know if anyone needs a it.

  18. I love Hemingway. I just have a question. What does the page template links/default/archives do and how to you use it. For example I want to make a page called Entertainment. In that page I want books that I am reading, and have read. And films I recommend, as well as music etc. The Entertainment page would be the parent page right? But do I set it up as a link template or default to put links to the three pages: reading/films/music, as these will be updated, but the parent page will not.

    I hope some of this makes sense.

    I love this theme.

    Hope some-one can help me please.


  19. V

    A links template will take all of the links in your sidebar (blogroll etc) and put them in a separate page.

    A Categories template will do the same thing for categories.

    I would create the three pages that you want (all with default) for the reading/music/films. When they are done create the top level page (again using the default) with a little text and then link to the three sub pages.

    You can set the reading/music/film as having a parent page if you want.

    Hope this helps.


  20. Yeah, thanks for that. I figured it out only a few hours of posting here.

    So I would call the top level page for example:

    What entertains me;

    Then write in the post part a little about each link. Then link the three inside that page.

    Is that right.

    I will try that, and I really appreciate your help.

    Ok. I have done it I think... Does that look right ?



  21. Hi V

    Yeah, looks right to me. Personally I can't stand the theme, but that's just me.

    It works well for you and you've made a good job of it!


  22. Thanks Collin.

    I am a bit obsessed I think with getting everything neat and tidy.

    I like all things monochramatic with maybe a spash of colour, like red.

    I would be really happy if I could do that with this theme eventually.

    I would probably just do the links red and titles, simplistic.


  23. Hey guess what I have just found out how to put my splash of red in.

    I'm so happy.......perhaps so lame too.

    V :)

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